Jean Marie Corda, aka the King of Dwarves, is the founder of this community aiming at to making its members FREE MEN !

Physical, financial and emotional freedom is the promise of our supreme leader. Domination by Love exists to help you structure your empowerment. But is it enough ?

In order to get results, you'll have to work every day. Whatever your goals are, you can rely on the support of the community. Be there for the private and exclusive lives every Sunday at 3pm and learn how to structure your life as would do a millionaire!

Discipline, focus, benevolence, power: we will help you make a tangible reality out of your goals. We can help you, but we are not social workers, the main effort must come from you. Always remember that WORK LEADS TO FREEDOM.

The DBL Program is the BEST personal development program. But Domination by Love is a closed and selective community. We do not guarantee that you can adapt to it. You should know that thousands of people have joined us and are working hard. There is no room for approximation. 

Freedom will not be offered to us, we will have to conquer it, together.

If you're still here, you're ready to go for it, so join us!