What is the Satoshi Channel ?

  • The Satoshi Channel is a Telegram channel in which you will receive trading signals that will allow you to invest easily in cryptocurrencies.

What is a trading signal ?

  • A trading signal is an advice to buying or selling order. When you subscribe to the channel you will receive signals in order to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

Who prepares trading signals ?

  • We have a team of 10 crypto specialists who analyze the curves on a daily basis to prepare a trading signal.

How many signals will I receive every day ?

  • You will receive a signal every morning at 7:00 am. You may receive 1 or 2 more signals during the day.

Do I need financial knowledge to follow the signals ?

  • Even a child would know how to follow them. 7 short tutorials will guide you. For the rest you will only have to do what you are told (it will take you less than 5 minutes a day).