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Designer nested in web-marketing for 5 years, I work with very large French-speaking marketers. Most pledge several hundred thousand euros per month, others are multimillionaires.

They call on my services because they know that I am not there to play the artist. My goal is not to display my creations in an art gallery. My goal is much simpler: to make you increase your income.

In our current world in which everything is governed by appearance, having a tailor-made branding in order to stand out from the crowd and assert your brand in the eyes of the general public becomes more than necessary.

I will help you to be successful, then to stay prosperous over the long term thanks to a strong brand identity. This by applying, in a scientific way, all the concepts and psychological biases that come into play in our visual perception of brands and products

Looking forward to working together!


My different offers:


- Market analysis so that the logo stands out from the competition
- Representative of your activity and your values
- Made to last over time
- Unique and memorable
- Adaptable to all media
- Scenario on mockups to better visualize it
- Unlimited retouching

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Graphic charter:

- In line with your old or new logo
- Representative of the values you want to convey
- Made to set you apart from your competition
- Search for different fonts for titles / subtitles / current texts
- Research of the different main colors used for the brand
- Graphic rules for the use of the logo (on what type of background to place it or on what background not to put it for example)
- Graphic rules for the use of fonts (sizes, outlines, colors ...)
- Some free examples of the application of the charter on documents and mockups
- Unlimited retouching

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Sales pages (you don't have to take all the options):

- Integration of visuals on the sales page
- Design of the sales page with addition of background to energize the page
- Design of the different structures of the sales page

- Creation of a graphic charter for the sales page
- Creation of mockups (designed to increase perceived value; unlimited rework)
- Creation of all the visuals of your choice (customer proofs, media proofs, guaranteed badge or other)

- Completed in less than 2 weeks

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My portfolio: