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If you want to improve the design of your brand, whether it's for a logo, visuals for your sales pages, or for the creation of a graphic charter, you've come to the right page.


My name is Nicolas Perrin, I started graphic design in my pajamas in my room following YouTube tutos at the age of 13.


After a long hard work, I managed to reach a level that allows me today to work for very big French marketers like Tugan Baranovsky.

Some of them earn several hundred thousand euros a year, others are multimillionaires.

They call on my services because they know I'm not there to play the artist. In spite of 5 years in communication, 3 of them with many art courses, I have nothing to do with these left-wing clampins.

My goal is not to display your creations in a modern art gallery.

Contrary to them, I try to use my brain, which has allowed me to understand the psychological biases (however simple) of the graphic influence, and to use them wisely to increase your sales.

So what I do is neither art nor magic, but simply a rudimentary scientific application of known psychological biases associated with graphic design.

All my work is oriented towards one goal: to increase your sales, and I present you precisely the
psychological biases I go through:


Just as in human behavior, consistency brings confidence, it gives a guideline to your products and will represent throughout your evolution the quality of your brand.

The collection effect

Why do we like to buy books written by the same author ? Somewhat it’s because the covers of these books are similar.

Our brains spend their time making associations, and the value conveyed by a book will automatically be associated with its cover.

This is why we are unconsciously encouraged to collect books with the same graphic charter.

And this applies to all your products. Associate a graphic charter to your products and your customers will want to complete their collection.

Robert Greene, a famous American author with several million sales to his credit, used the collection principle to associate the success of his bestseller "Power, the 48 Laws of Power" with his other books.

The association

Seen in the "collection effect", the association allows your brand to be associated with value, but also with a universe.

Let's say that you sell a real estate investment course but that your graphic charter is associated with the wrong fonts, the wrong colors, or even the wrong shapes, your prospects will not trust your product.

He will make a link between the universe associated with this font and your training, and if it lacks consistency, then he will not trust you.

Hence the importance of associating your brand with the right graphic elements in order to reassure your prospects about the quality of your offer.


It allows you to touch the imagination of your prospects and to press their desires.

Either by showing them in the form of photos what they will get after their purchase (more wealth, more happiness...), or by drastically increasing the perceived value of your products.

Indeed, the integration of mockups (3D representation of your products) in your sales page allows the prospect to mentally materialize his purchase and to have an idea of what awaits him.

This is difficult to do especially when you sell infoproducts.

If you're an aggressive person, we can also play on abundance by creating a whole bunch of mockups to make it look like there are more products than there really are (greatly increases the conversion rate).

As you can see in this example, the second mockup returns a much higher value than the first one.

The effect less equals more

I insist on it, but I'm not here to create a work of art that will cost you an arm and have no use.

The more information there is in a sales page, the more your customers will be lost.

So, in each of my creations, I make sure that each element, no matter how small, has its own importance. I leave nothing superficial, everything is optimized with one goal in mind: to make your prospects buy.

Rational aesthetics

The "Beautiful" is not subjective, but measurable.

We have been on Earth for millions of years, and during our evolution we have learned to instinctively recognize Beauty because it is conducive to the prosperity of Life.

Whether it is for the choice of our partner, or to recognize a beautiful, sturdy and stable building.
Because everything that is beautiful tends to be functional, and functionality makes life last thanks to the value it brings.

This also applies to graphic design, in which precise rules of composition, size and structure must be respected in order to correspond to the mental models of beauty that we all instinctively have within us.

I have understood most of these psychological biases on my own through practice. I never heard about most of them during my 5 years of communication studies, neither on YouTube, nor from recognized design trainers.

And I'm still quite surprised because they are of paramount importance to increase your sales.

Whether in the short term, to improve your conversion rate on a sales page, or in the long term, by creating a strong graphic image that will allow you to implement a principle of consistency and collection.


My rates vary according to the time I spend on each creation, the number of retouching needed and the number of elements you want. The price will be fixed during our exchange after studying your needs. But you can find above a price scale for different offers:


  • Representative of your activity and your values.
  • Realized without following the current modes so that it lasts in time.
  • Simple so that it can be easily memorized
  • Unique to distinguish you from the competition
  • Suitable for use on all media
  • Available in all formats to be used on all supports

    from 100€ to 180€


    Graphic charter

    • Creation of a logo (optional)
    • Colors of your company
    • Your company's fonts
    • Recurring motifs used on the various media of your company
    • Implementation of the principle of coherence and collection

    Without logo : from 250€ to 350€

    With logo : from 350€ to 530€

    Sales page :

    • Creation of visuals for your sales page
    • Customer proofs
    • Media evidence (quotes from personalities...)
    • Warranty Badge
    • Banner top of page
    • Mockups (3D representation of your product)
    • Or any other visual of your choice
    • Integration on your builder (Clickfunnels, or frog) (optional)
    • Text integration
    • Image integration
    • Choice of font
    • Improvement of the layout structure (margin size, font size, overall composition...)
    • Setting up backgrounds of different colors to distinguish your different parts of text

    From 100€ on

    Base: from 100€ to 500€ depending on the number of visuals.

    Base + layout option on your builder: from 130€ to 650€ depending on the size of the page.

    Other request :

    • Your needs don't fit in the previous offers ? No problem! Let me know your expectations by email and I will adapt the price!

    To see my latest creations:


    Looking forward to it!           


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