Launch your new professional project in fluid way by simply and reactivly creating your Estonian company

A company that really belongs to you

In Estonia, no Nominated Director, your company is fully legally yours. It's a simple and straightforward operation.
You get a transparent company with transparent balance sheets, which does not depend on the tax laws of several countries or tax havens.

0 taxes on reinvested and retained earnings

For Estonian tax residents, income set aside in reserves is not taxed (assets and liabilities).
Companies are no longer subject to income tax, they are only imposed on distributed profits (20%)
according to the Estonian Corporate Tax Act.

A transparent company within the European Union

Join the EU single market and cross-border capital. Register an EU-based company fully online. Gain easy and sustainable access to online payment processors such as Stripe and PayPal with your registration number.

Anticipate the future with a forward-looking company

In a digital world where everything becomes as quick as a finger snap, it is all the more necessary to be able to be reactive with your company.
An Estonian company is a long-term strategy because of its independence from physical documents, its 100% digital and unbureaucratic operation.
99% of public services are digitized in Estonia.

Delegate the administration and focus on your project and the growth of your company

Simply delegate the creation of your Estonian company in French. We take care of the rest for you, then receive your company status to quickly start your project.

8 reasons to join the future of business now

1. Travel and manage your business remotely.
2. Moving without having to re-establish your business.
3. A company based in the European Union.
4. Ease with payment processors
5. No local director required.
6. A reactive company 100% online.
7. Working with digital documents.
8. Digital signature, no need to move.

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