Terra Bellum offers their advertising communication services

DBL and Terra Bellum are in partnership and implement communications solutions at advantageous conditions !


Main informations about the channel :

  • 1st French-speaking geopolitics/defense channel
  • +120,000 subscribers
  • Public 18-35 years old at 50%
  • Regular weekly publications for the past 2 years
  • Continued chain growth (100k in December 2020, 200k by year end)
  • Community accustomed to placement for good products/services
  •  Voicecover management and promo clip editing
  • Partnerships with higher education institutions (HEIP)/specialized magazines (Conflits, Defense Zone)/big industry...
  • 10 million impressions/month and estimated audience of 380k people/month
  • 75% of our latest videos exceed 100k views

Their aims : 

  • Develop your Brand Awareness
  • A more holy and useful YouTube sponsorship!
  • Create an ecosystem to get away from the communication boxes.
  • Giving viewers concrete products/services
  • Assume our Liberal-Conservative position

If your are interested by the services contact silvio@jmcorda.com