Move to the east with a well paid job in the IT sector in big tech companies.

You can just transit by the salaried and then become a freelancer or business man.

Build a career in the east even without DEGREE and without 5 years of experience. Companies are ready to give you a chance and to give you high value formation to level up your skills and launch a successful career with responsibility jobs.

By moving to eastern Europe as a worker you will have :

- Better quality life
- Cheaper cost of living
- More savings every month
- Access to luxury world
- Less taxes on your investments and cryptos
- No feminist women
- More freedom

What you need to apply in the east is at least a B2 level in English. If you don't have that level yet, you can follow english lessons with our teacher Yannick.

In our services we help you to :

- Find a job in the east

- Negotiate your salary

- Prepare your CV and letter to be a good candidate

- Prepare your job interview

Move the east now !