massiva-axel Russe

Massiva and Axel are two experienced Russian speakers who have been working together their respective methods to create a Russian language learning program.


Passport to Eastern Europe

Russian is spoken in all Eastern European countries, from Poland to Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, the Baltic States, and of course Russia.

Healthy values

Countries where Russian is spoken are not subject to state feminism and other progressive propaganda, people are just normal. There you will find healthy values and common sense, just the opposite of Western Europe.

Accessible countries

The cost of living in Eastern Europe is relatively cheap and the tax system is not stifling. This climate is favorable to entrepreneurship. Your business will fare better over there !

Beauty of women

Eastern women have a reputation that is not usurped. Their smiles and beauty will make you regret not having taken the plunge sooner.

All these aspects balanced against the French decadence, the conclusion comes without saying: expatriation is no longer an option, but a necessity. Your new life is in the East !

But all of this is only possible if you speak Russian !



You don't need any prior knowledge since we teach to perfect beginners.

You will first learn the alphabet, pronunciation and writing, before learning your first words and expressions. 

We go straight to the basics, without blah blah blah and obsolete content, as if you were to move away in the following months.

The Basic Pack will follow you up for about four months and will allow you to have a B1 level, which will allow you to travel in Slavic land, survive there and have simple discussions.

As for the Premium Pack, it will follow you after the four months and will give you the opportunity to buy other training courses or to take a private teacher to reach the level that will allow you to live fully in the Eastern countries.

Russian is a logically constructed language. As long as you know the grammar and the main exceptions, you can express yourself easily and understand without difficulty.

The only thing we ask you is to be serious and invested. Regularity is the key to success.