Gain 10 kg of muscle in only 3 months... thanks to the training method of the strongest cadet ever !Malik Power

Weight-training programs are abundant on the internet. You have probably tested some of them, but your progress remains small and your goals are not yet validated.

There is a logic to all of this. Internet coaches do not necessarily have an interest in revealing their methods.

Do you finally want to have a physique you will be proud of ?

Do you want to physically progress ? 

Do you want to become more powerful and stronger (without spending your life in the gym) ?

Malik Triolet found himself in the same situation as you.

Despite his efforts to follow the advice of "expert" coaches, it just wasn't working, and the results weren't coming.

Until he realized that this is where the problem came from! Those fitness gurus who create secret methods: because it sells more !

So, Malik made the decision to pursue his training alone, away from all of those dream sellers.
He has been researching days and nights, trying to compile the best studies, articles, books... for 2 years !
Throughout this long phase of research, he experimented with a whole bunch of techniques. Some classic, others frankly far-fetched.

Then, over the years, Malik managed to compile the best of the best training techniques and created a method that will really make you progress and gain muscle and strength FAST.

And it is thanks to this training method that Malik has managed to achieve the best ever Powerlifting performance in his category !

He achieves the best cadet performance (-74kg) of all time with:

  •  250 kg for the ground lift
  •  220 kg for the squat
  • 152.5 kg for the bench press

    Progression Malik

    Before proposing his method to you, Malik tested it with dozens of people, and it worked evengreater than he expected The "Objective Powermass" training is the result of years of experience and can be summed up in a simple methodology that you can apply easily and quickly.

    Malik now offers you access to its entire method !

    The content of the “Objective Powermass” training course

    • 2 to 3 video classes per week
    • 1 Live per week
    • 1 Space for discussion with other members
    • 2 BEST-SELLERS Training Programs
    • Content by program :
      • 4 detailed sessions per week
      • Detailed progress cycle for 8 weeks
      • Program that you can start over again
      • PERFECT for beginners
      • Answers to your questions about the program within 48 hours