Vortex : The door of the Multichain

⚠️ Attention ⚠️
The following content is a continuation of Plan Oasis.
But be warned, this is not to be put in just anyone's hands.

This information is complex, and to be able to use it properly, certain skills are essential.

So if you have little or no knowledge of the world of blockchain or if you haven't followed Plan Oasis yet, I invite you to discover it before embarking on this new adventure.

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Vortex : Next Level


Vortex was created to take you to the next level.

So that you can truly harness this technology that is right in front of us.

Everything you thought was convoluted will become crystal clear.

Imagine if the impossible became possible. There, in front of your eyes.

All the doors that you thought were locked until now will open by themselves.

I will try to pass on to you principles that only the most experienced know and master.

And this so that you can succeed at the height of your objectives.

Instant and long-term results

  • You will know where and how to acquire your first NFTs
  • You will be able to tackle new high-potential blockchains.
  • You will learn how to position yourself as an early adopter to potentially multiply your stake.
  • You will secure your future by creating passive income with returns you can't even imagine.
In short, you'll further increase the insane lead you're taking.

If you needed proof of this...

Quality, our priority

We take great care in the development and continuous improvement of our products.

In all transparency, and so that you can judge for yourself, here is how our training courses are built:
  1. Questioning the community
  2. Ideation: Creation of a MindMap and structuring of ideas
  3. Selection of testers
  4. Appointments and reinforcement of the bases with consultants specialized in their fields
  5. Review by testers
  6. Recording/vulgarization with the technical team 
  7. Assembly
  8. Tester evaluation and feedback 
  9. Modification, registration
  10. Continuous improvement, updates, new bonus content etc.

Also, in order to release products that are always more qualitative than the others at No Limits, we have created a pool of testers.

In order to have the widest and most complete spectrum possible, our pool of testers consists of about 20 people ranging from 15 to 56 years old, gathering experts in Bitcoin mining as well as complete novices in crypto-currencies.

All of this is done with the aim of getting objective feedback on what we are doing in order to continuously improve our products.



Raphael C.

Exceptional training. I could have paid 500€ for it, and I would still have found it to be excellent value for money.

It will be appreciated by everyone. There's a huge amount of information, which you can't digest all at once.

I think it's a course where you can walk around and pick up what you want.

When it comes out, the reviews will be rave.

Guillaume R.

  WOW what a slap! I like when it's square and organized, the Morning routine, makes me happy!

The discovery of new blockchains, with a strategy each time, top! Then with the strategy of the new banker, I had stars in my eyes.

As major already said, how can banks still exist after this? We want to take all our savings and send them on their way.

The training is 100% validated, with the discovery of all these projects we have enough to enjoy ourselves and make Vortex profitable quickly.

Stivi Z.

Being still new to DEFI and having started with OASIS, VORTEX brought me various skills that I had not yet acquired. Like organization thanks to the tools given in the morning routine, the use of the different bridges...

People who criticized the first training for a lack of depth will be satisfied by VORTEX which, in my opinion, meets all expectations and even goes beyond.

The training is complete and will be a huge success.

Together, let's enter the Vortex

In short what you will discover:

📚 More than 10 years of knowledge at a very high technical level gathered in a tailor-made program: 699€
💎 The different Blockchains and how to get the most out of them: 69€
⚖️ THE new banker's strategy - Lending, Borrowing, Farming: 39€
⏰ The Morning routine to manage your cryptos & follow the market: 39€
📊 Tokenomics, how to interpret and analyze them: 49€
👽 The world of NFTs and especially how to get them: 79€
📈 Technical analysis and mathematical anticipation: 69€
💰 How to use leverage to earn 10 times more: 69€
🏃♂️ How to participate in pre-sales where you can position yourself on future nuggets: 79€
💳 Create passive income to ensure your good days: 59€
🧬 Define your investor profile so you can find which strategy fits you: 49€

On top of that, by opting for Vortex, you get 7 bonuses before you even start:
#1 The Future of the Metaverse: Our World Will Change

#2 Strategy: BTC cycles and halvings

#3 Taxation : How to manage your taxes in France or in Switzerland

#4 David Copperfield : Become a crypto wizard

#5 Glossary : The most used words in the blockchain world

#6 Whitepaper : Fundamental analysis

#7 Death Protocol : Write your crypto will

Total value of the program: 1299€

When I see what some "specialists" charge for 1/10th of the knowledge contained in Vortex, I sometimes wonder if I'm not being too fair...

However, to apply this kind of price would go against the objective I set myself with No Limits.

Which is to pass on this kind of knowledge to volunteers, daring people, dreamers, who like me want to build the life they deserve.

So it will be the mission before the profits.

And that's why Vortex is exceptionally priced at 199€.

But beware! Such an offer is always for a (very) limited time...

I join the vortex


Neophyte Pack

Access to both Oasis and Vortex courses at a preferential rate