(Mission is in french)

We are looking for 2 analysts-writers ready to monetize their written productions on the following themes : 

  • precious metals gold and silver (2 analyst-writers)

Each analyst will have to write at least 1 or 2 articles per month.

We are not in the daily commentary but bi-monthly and monthly: the goal is to disseminate your productions every 2 weeks or every month (depending on whether you write 1 or 2 articles).

We need macro and medium term analysis on the markets.

On these themes, we are looking for articles :

  • Summary of the month (priority)
  • Technical and chart analysis of the month (priority)
  • Fundamental comments on the month's fundamentals
  • Innovations
  • Prospectives
  • investment opportunities
  • etc...

We are open to any proposal for a topic on the  theme mentioned above, the main thing is that you are passionate or at least interested in your field; you must know your subject.

Concerning the style, we prefer to write with a free tone rather than a neutral academic one. It is less boring to read for the reader and it leaves you the space to express yourself fully in the writing that we could describe in 2 words as casual and professional. In short, you have no problem expressing your opinions as long as they are supported by a demonstration and arguments.

It is also necessary to be pedagogical as if you were addressing a neophyte; for example if you use a financial anglicism or specific expressions to crypto, you will have to systematically define and explain the concepts. The objective is to make it understandable by the majority.

Possibility to write more and/or diversify the work if the collaboration goes well.

Serious and long term only.

If u want apply contact us at paul@jmcorda.com (application en french).